Primary SCITT Salaried: Specialism in Primary and Special school education

In partnership with the Encompass Teaching School Alliance in South-West Norfolk, SNITT has developed a unique training route which combines all of the strengths of our primary salaried provision with the opportunity to develop professional skills and understanding in one of our outstanding partnership Special Schools. Trainees who secure a place on this hybrid route will spend 50% of their time in a mainstream primary setting and 50% in a special school. The assessment process will give equal weighting to attainment within each of the two settings.

Trainees who undertake this route will attend primary core and subject knowledge training on one day per week. This training will be enriched by a series of additional training days based within outstanding special schools. Topics covered will include:

  • Sensory integration
  • Differentiated planning to meet individual needs
  • Positive behaviour management within a Special school setting
  • Safeguarding and disability.

Further information is available here 

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